There are 5 heroes with Collaboration Skin Bleach x Arena of Valor (AoV)

The Bleach x Arena of Valor (AoV) collaboration just started yesterday. At the collaboration event, the Mobile MOBA game Arena of Valor presented five collaboration skins for five different heroes. The heroes who get the Bleach skin are LuBu, Murad, Bright, Lindis and Annette.

Each hero has received a collaborative skin, out of the five heroes it turns out that there are only three heroes taken based on the adaptation of the Bleach character, while the other two Arena of Valor heroes are just skins with the Bleach universe theme. The three heroes who get character adaptation skins are LuBu who gets Ichigo’s skin, Murad with Byakuya Kuchiki’s skin and Bright with Toshiro Hitsugaya’s skin.

Meanwhile, for the two female heroes, Lindis and Annete, they both did not get the Bleach character adaptation skin. Lindis gets a skin using a kimono typical of Bleach anime, and Annette gets a distinctive school uniform.

Skin Hero Bleach aov arena of valor

All heroes who get this new skin will also get new skill effects that adjust the strengths of the Bleach characters like in the anime. As, Bright, who has the power of light, has now turned into Toshiro Hitsugaya who uses the power of ice.

However, for Lindis and Annette’s skins because they only use Bleach uniforms, they both don’t have any change in skill effects. All the skill effects they cast will look like normal. It’s disappointing for these two hero user players, but this is not a big problem.

All of these collaboration skins will be coming to Arena of Valor soon. Some of these skins were released on the Valor Pass in May, and some of them were also released using the usual gacha system.

AOV X BLEACH - Annette & Lindis Lobby Animation - Garena AOV (Arena of Valor)

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