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7 New Champions League of Legends Wild Rift Released on October 27th

Coinciding with the Open Beta SEA Regions games MOBA Mobile League of Legends Wild Rift which will be held on 27 October, Riot Games will also release seven new Champions in the game League of Legends Wild Rift that must already be player mainkan.⁣

Here is list of 7 new Champions LoL Wild Rift to be released on October 27th: ⁣

  • Draven⁣
  • Akali⁣
  • Seraphine⁣
  • Darius⁣
  • Kai’Sa⁣
  • Evelynn⁣
  • Lee Sin⁣
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With the release of Akali, Kai’Sa, Evelynn and Seraphine, all the champions with the K/DA girl band theme are officially present in the LoL Wild Rift mobile game. And the possibility of a girl band themed skin will also be released soon.

What do you think, about the 7 Champions above, which one do you want to use right away? Comment in the comntar column! ⁣

Note : Lee Sin is still uncertain whether it will be released on October 27th.


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