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A new character Free Fire named Xayne Comes to Advance Server

Right on April 1, the battle-royale game Free Fire advance server was opened again for players. Lucky players will get an activation code and be able to access this advance server, and play on it. In this April update, it turns out that Free Fire presents a new character named Xayne.

Xayne is told as a female character and is an athlete in extreme sports categories. Although Xayne is a woman, Xayne is famous for her expertise to do extreme things to prove her seriousness in the field of extreme sports.

In terms of gameplay, Xayne is a very suitable character to be used as an attacker character. This is easy to do because Xayne’s active skills are very useful for playing offensively rather than defensively.

Xayne has the active skill Xtreme Encounter, Xayne is able to get 100 HealthPoint temporarily and increases 80% attack damage to Gloo Wall and Shield. This skill lasts for 8 seconds after activation and has a cooldown of 100 seconds at maximum level.

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Yep, because this skill, this character is very suitable for use as an attacker who can provide HealthPoint quickly and can destroy enemy defenses quickly too. Xayne will not be effective if played defensively or support.

Xayne’s skill has six levels, this skill will continue to increase its effectiveness with each level up. At the first level the player will get 50% damage to GlooWall and Shiled, with a cooldown of 150 seconds, and at the maximum level will get 80% damage with a cooldown of 100 seconds.

For now, Xayne is only available on the advance server and is the newest character in the Garena Free Fire game. There is still no information regarding when this character will be released to the live server and can be played by players later.

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