A3: Still Alive Presents Class Scholar in the Latest Update

Today, Netmarble has officially released the latest update for the MMORPG Dark Fantasy Open Field, A3: STILL ALIVE, this update presents a new way of playing by releasing Class Scholar. As a celebration, players can look forward to a series of in-game activities that can increase CP and offer buffs that are useful for continuing to power up the player characters, Soul Linker, and Shu, the familiar Pet that helps players during battle.

Scholar in A3: Still Alive is a new warrior class that is knowledgeable and allows players to do close or long-range combat according to the skills used. Through Scholar, players get access to 4 types of Summons that can be activated. Players who want to play Scholar can look forward to the new Starter Mission which offers various prizes when finished. After the update, players will receive 7 Hecamione Soul Linkers, EXP Soul Star, Complementary Box, and other boosting benefits to reach 2 million CP in 2 weeks regardless of Class type.

Fajaryusuf.com A3: Still Alive scholar

Here are the other details that are coming in this new update:

  • Power Up Event 5x Faster
    • The Hot Time Bonus is available for players on April 15th – May 6th and offers 400% EXP gain by hunting monsters on the new server.
    • Upon reaching certain levels in the game, players can get Main Quest Auto-Clear Tickets for completing missions automatically with Gold.
    • Players above Lv. 50 can participate in the Exchange Mine Event and can exchange the Sealed Grimoire Ticket obtained from the Shiland Mine with an EXP Box until April 29, 2021.
  • Maximum Equipment Level is given to support players on new servers and can be obtained at every 10 levels until it reaches Lv. 130.
  • Complementary Soul Linker items that can increase Soul Linker’s CP are available.
  • Level Increase – Players can now reach Lv. 160 and Equipment at Lv. 150 ~ 160 have also been added, including Legend Background Set Grade Lv. 160 new.
  • The new Saeldir Region, Ermondo Mine Equipment Dungeon, and Refuge of the Dead B4 have opened for Adventurers to enjoy.

Further information about the LATEST UPDATE A3: STILL ALIVE can be seen here.

Set in an end-time fantasy world of swords and magic, A3: STILL ALIVE offers a cross-genre mobile experience that combines the huge world of Open Field RPG with extreme Battle Royale combat. Players must be prepared in the Player vs. Players (PvP) who are always open when they fight enemies in agile and agile battles, and show their abilities in various PvP and Player vs. Environment (PvE). A3: STILL ALIVE is rendered with beautiful 3D graphics and stunning console quality and is alive thanks to the incredible optimization of the Unity Engine.

Source: Netmarble Press Release


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