AKM Ghillie Dragon Skin Comes to Luck Spin PUBG Mobile

AKM Ghillie Dragon is a skin weapon that comes into Lucky Spin in the PUBG Mobile battle-royale game and seems to have the theme of Chinese New Year this February!

Still on the theme of the Chinese New Year, PUBG Mobile has again released a very cool dragon-themed skin on Lucky Spin, yep AKM Ghillie Dragon skin. Surely this AKM skin is very suitable when combined with the Ghillie Lion skin which can be found at Premium Crates.

Just like Ghillie Lion, this AKM skin weapon has green, yellow, and red colors, and if the player upgrades the skin level, other ornaments will appear.

This Lucky Spin event is already present in the game starting on February 22 – March 14, so for players who want to complete the Ghillie skin set, don’t miss it!

Fajaryusuf.com skin Ghillie Dragon pubg mobile

Of course, to get this skin, players need a lot of UC, not to mention added time to upgrade to the Final Form.

Players need 60 UC to do 1x Spin, or take out 540 UC for 10x spins. Players who spin for the first time on that day, will be given a discount of up to 10 UC per spin.

The following is a list of items that players can get:

  • Ghillie Dragon set
  • Ghillie Dragon Parachute
  • Pochinkenstein Ornament
  • Winning Chicken Helmet
  • Snow Blush Headgear
  • Polar Explorer Set
  • Cuddly Panda Backpack
  • Turkey Feast Backpack

Yep, if you are interested, you have to spin now, because the event will end on March 14th!

Source: PUBG Mobile


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