Albion Online latest update titled Lands Awakened, New Objective, New Weaponline, etc

Sandbox Interactive has just announced a Major Update for Albion Online which is the MMORPG Sandbox game. This Openworld game will add its newest content on November 24th, adding a new Objective, a new Weaponline, and Reworked Guild Seasons.

Albion’s latest update is titled Lands Awakened, this latest update will bring improved graphics for five stunning biomes along with a beautiful new layout that has been visually enhanced that will spoil the eyes of players. Mobs will increase in strength and value over time, and the Worldmap overlay now shows Silver values and available resources. Players can also expect time-limited Dungeon Rush in the new Static Dungeon.

albion online Lands Awakened

For players who like PvP mode, the new Objectives include Treasure Sites that will appear randomly on each Map. In Outlands, there will also be Energycrystals and Powercores that players can use as Objectiveguild.

Not only that, players can now hangout in the safe house of Headquarters Hideouts in Outlands. The new Might system will allow Guild members to build up their Guild Might Levels to increase rewards, and the Favor currency will offer players more ways to spend various valuable items in Albion Online.

Qualityoflife will also be improved, and Loadout saved which can be purchased on the UI Marketplace, as well as improved usability of Farming, Rerolling items, Balancing, and more. Finally, the new Weaponline War Gloves allow players to have as much fun as they want with tons of options for dealing damage and mobility.

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Albion Online | Lands Awakened Teaser


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