Latest Among Us Patch Update Adds 15 Players In 1 Lobby

Yesterday, Innersloth just shared information about the road map or the planned update for the asymmetrical game Among Us. And now, Innersloth is moving faster than expected, to start the first step on the road map. They will do the first update Among Us which will feature 15 players in one lobby.

As informed by Innersloth that the first update that will be given to Among Us is to increase the number of players. Previously in one lobby match Among Us there were only 10 players maximum, now that number has been increased to 15 players, and of course the number of impostors has also increased.

The update to increase the number of players will start on June 15 tomorrow, and there are also several other features added. Not only increasing the number of players, Among Us will also present a new role system such as becoming a Sheriff or Scientist. Not only that, there is a new mode, namely Hide and Seek, which will also be presented in tomorrow’s patch.

among us 15 pemain players

With the addition of players in one lobby, this game must also add player color choices. Five colors added to this game are Coral, Tan, Rose, Maroon and Banana. With this, each player will get a new color to choose from.

This update of 15 players in one lobby will apply simultaneously to all platforms, which means that players playing on PC, console and mobile can start playing the Among Us game with a new, more lively and tense atmosphere.

As additional information, Innersloth is also still convincing players that the Xbox version will be released soon. Although they still haven’t announced an exact release date, they are still confident that they can bring it at the end of 2021.

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