Among Us Will Have 4 New Roles In The Next Update

InnerSloth is the developer of the Among Us game, InnerSloth recently announced a new update that will present new roles for players in the asymmetric game Among Us. InnerSloth also confirmed that the update will focus on implementing the role into the game.

Initially, this puzzle game was released only with 1 Map and 2 Roles, namely Impostor and Crewmates with a maximum of 10 players who can play together in 1 Lobby. Over time, InnerSloth has updated the Among Us game by presenting 2 new maps, and the maximum Lobby limit is 15 players. The developer also added a variety of item skins for players to add excitement when playing the game.

The new role update was actually announced on October 4 yesterday, there is some information released on the official Among Us website related to the various new roles that will be released. But they have not provided details about these roles, according to rumors circulating online, there are about 2 to 4 new roles that will be present in Among Us in the next update.

4 new roles among us

But this update is actually not too surprising, because there are various roles in the modified Among Us game made by modders. Various mods that give Impostor or Crewmates a new objective and power such as Jester, Mafia, Seer, and so on that are already in the Among Us mods game.

Even so, this is good news from InnerSloth to develop their Among Us game. Yep, hopefully InnerSloth has new ideas and is creative with the roles that will be presented in this Among Us game.

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