Among Us Will Present a New Map of The Henry Stickmin’s Collection Reference

With simple and unique gameplay and design, the Among Us game is a huge success in 2020. Game Asymmetric, which was developed by Innersloth, was released in 2018 but went viral in 2020 thanks to streamers who popularized it through the Twitch platform. At this time, Among Us has successfully earned millions of dollars in profit and the highest number of downloads on the market, shifting other mobile games. However, this success certainly doesn’t stop developers from continuing to provide various kinds of the latest content for their players. This time, Innersloth leaked updated content information to players by showing a little display of the new map that will be released soon.

Through their newly released Twitter account, Innersloth shows a screenshot showing part of their newest map with the caption “this is the new Among Us map”. Innersloth then stated that the new folder will be showcased further at The Game Awards on December 10. new map among us new

If you pay attention, the new map looks brighter and looks cleaner, different from the theme of the previous map. At first glance, the map image shows the cockpit area inhabited by two crew mates. Also visible are various objects to perform tasks and ventilation that can be used by the impostor to hide. This new map is a reference to another Innersloth game, The Henry Stickmin’s Collection.

This new Among Us map is proof of the success and popularity of the game, which was nominated for the Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer categories from The Game Awards 2020. This success made Among Us the favorite game to get a short film adaptation made by fans. Among Us is also available for PC on the Steam platform for 40 thousand rupiah and is also available for iOS and Android which can be downloaded for free via the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Source: Official Among Us Twitter


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