Andrew Awakening Will Coming Soon To Free Fire Game

The Battle-royale game Free Fire officially releases the Andrew Awakening trailer! The current Free Fire players can’t wait to have this new character, Andrew Awakening.

This character first appeared on Advance Server FF OB28 and Andrew Awakening has extra skills that are very helpful on the battlefield. Yep, it looks like the players don’t have to wait too long anymore, because Garena has just released an official trailer about Andrew Awakening!

The video was released on the Free Fire Youtube channel on May 24, 2021, the title of the video trailer is “Awakening Andrew coming to Free Fire soon” which suggests that in the near future the character will be released soon.

Andrew awakening free fire

If we look at the current Free Fire events, it looks like Andrew will be there when the 2021 FFWS tournament is underway. Because at one of the FFWS 2021 events in the game, players have the opportunity to get Andrew Awakening tokens!

Surely this is very nice news because this newest version of Andrew’s character has very useful skills. At the lowest level Andrew Awakening’s skill can increase the damage reduction to armor by 8% and an additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who carries this skill.

Whereas at max level, Andrew can increase the damage reduction to armor by 14%. Additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who carries this skill.

Awakening Andrew segera hadir di Free Fire! (Trailer Awakening Andrew)

Source: YouTube


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