arena of valor AOV x One Punch Man

AOV x One Punch Man collaboration is here to celebrate 5th Anniversary

In celebration of the 5th Anniversari Arena of Valor (AOV) in October 2021, Garena not only announced their international tournament. This birthday, they announced the celebration of AOV’s 5th Anniversary by holding a collaboration event with the very popular Anime around the world, One-Punch Man.

It seems, there will be a hero in the AOV game who will use the Saitama costume, as a form of extraordinary power in the Anime. Not only that, other popular characters in the Anime will also be present in AOV, which will create a new legend with the players in the mobile MOBA game.

arena of valor AOV x One Punch Man

The heroes who will get this AOV X OPM Collaboration Special Skin are Krixi (Tatsumaki) and Errol (Genos). According to the news, this special 5th Anniversary collaboration could happen because the One-Punch Man manga has sold more than 24 million copies.

The main character in this anime, Saitama, is a very interesting person and is liked by fans of the manga. In this collaboration, players will also see Saitama’s presence in the game to enliven the AOV x One-Punch Man collaboration.

So, let’s look forward to the presence of amazing skin/character designs and special effects in the game when this exciting collaboration event is released later!

AoV X One-Punch Man Cinematic Video - Garena AOV (Arena of Valor)


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