This is the appearance of the Motor Skin Project Cobra Free Fire (FF)

The Garena Free Fire (FF) Cobra Project event is currently underway, there are lots of missions and prizes that players can get at this event. Many items in this Cobra Project event have a red appearance and are also shaped like a Cobra snake, including the Evo Gun MP40 Predatory Cobra, Gloo Wall Cobra Skin, and Cobra surfboard skin, but do you know the Cobra themed motor skin on free fire / ff ?

Yep, this time there is a leak about a prize in the Battle Royale mobile game called Project Cobra for a vehicle, and the prize is a Project Cobra themed motorbike skin. In this article we will discuss the appearance of the Cobra Skin Motor Project FF. Skin Motor Project Cobra Free Fire

As you can see in the picture, this Cobra motorbike skin has a very cool appearance and has a futuristic theme. The skin of the FF motorbike usually looks like a racing motorbike, but this Cobra skin looks like a motorbike from the future, with a really cool appearance. This motorbike skin has a black, white, and red appearance which is a charming color combination.

At this time it is still unknown how this Cobra motorbike skin can be obtained, but it is possible that players can get it at one of the Cobra Project events currently taking place.

That’s the motor leak skin in Project Cobra Free Fire (FF)! If you have questions and input, please write in the comments column!


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