Here’s the Appearance of New Character Genshin Impact, Gorou

A few days ago, miHoYo has confirmed that Sayu, Ayaka and Kazuha will soon be releasing their action-RPG game, Genshin Impact. By confirming the three characters, there will be more new characters that will appear. Yep, because currently there is one more new character of Genshin Impact named Gorou.

Gorou is a half humanoid character with ears and tail like a fox. According to the Genshin Impact Beta 2.0 leak, this new character should be a character with an important role when the Inazuma regional is officially released. In addition, this Gorou character also has a relationship with Kazuha who has just been released.

There is a leaked account on Twitter that shares the results of data mining, players can see the appearance of the new character, Gorou. MiHoYo’s party is currently still able to change its appearance when it is officially released later, but majorly, this character design will not be much different from what it is now.

gorou genshin impact

The weapon used by this character is called Dreams of Dragonfell, the same arrow-type weapon as the Summit Shaper, The Unforged, Vortex Vanquisher and Memory of Dust series. Currently, all these weapons are not in the game, and players will still have to wait.

According to leaked information, this new character is a five-star character and a geo element user. Currently, a lot of information about Gorou that players can get from Genshin Impact Beta 2.0, but until now there is still no information about the release date.

The existence of this information about Gorou means that one more new Genshin Impact character has been revealed. Now, Sayu, Ayaka and Kazuha have been confirmed to be releasing soon, which means there are other new characters that haven’t been confirmed yet, namely Gorou, La Signora, Baal and Tohma.

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