Arcane League of Legends x Among Us collaboration

Arcane (League of Legends) x Among Us features Skins Jinx, Vi, Catlyn, Jayce, etc.

After Riot Games announced exciting collaborations with several games in the video trailer titled Riot X Arcane Progress Days Trailer published on YouTube.

Riot has finally provided official information about its latest collaboration with Asymmetric games, Among Us. Riot Games enthusiastically welcomes the Arcane x Among Us collaboration to celebrate the release of Riot’s first Animated Series, Arcane (League of Legends), which premiered on Netflix since November 7. Now players have the opportunity to play as their favorite Arcane character in Among Us.

Arcane is the first to adapt the Animated Series universe and lore of the League of Legends, and recounts the origins of the iconic champion League of Legend, including Jinx, Vi, Catlyn, Jayce, Heimerdinger, Viktor, etc.

Arcane League of Legends x Among Us collaboration

In this collaboration with Among Us, players will have access to some of the fan-favorite champions displays from the Arcane (League of Legends) series. The following is a list of League of Legends-themed accessories that are present at Among US:

  • Jinx hair
  • Jinx glasses
  • Jinx clothes
  • Vi hair
  • Vi clothes
  • Jayce’s Hair
  • Jayce’s Formal Suit
  • Caitlyn’s hat
  • Caitlyn’s uniform
  • Heimerdinger Hair
  • Heimerdinger’s Mustache
  • Heimerdinger Suit
  • Poro Heimerdinger
  • Helmet Enforcer
  • Armor Enforcer
  • Chomper
  • Claggor Glasses

All of the above customization items are available on the Cosmicube system in Among Us. Cosmicube is a system of cosmietic items that can be unlocked in-game. Players can purchase themed Cosmicubes, activate them to obtain Pods, and use those Pods to unlock cosmetic items in the branching path system within Cosmicube.

All cosmetics change the visual appearance and have no stat-enhancing effect on gameplay or affect gameplay.

Cosmicube Arcane in Among Us will only be available from November 13 to December 31, 2021. After that date ends, Cosmicube will no longer be available in the Among Us store. Players who have purchased Cosmicube Arcane items can keep them forever.

RiotX Arcane Progress Days Trailer


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