Arena of Valor Brings Day and Night System to Horizon Valley version 4.0

It has just been announced that the mobile MOBA game developed by Tencent Games, Arena of Valor, offers something that will catch the attention of all players. On the Garena Arena of Valor YouTube channel which coincides with the AWC 2021 Grand Final, the MOBA mobile AoV game shows a new visual appearance on the Horizon Valley map version 4.0, and a day and night system.

Yep, on the Garena Arena of Valor YouTube channel they uploaded a version 4.0 map trailer which lasts less than a minute, players can see that there will be very significant feature changes on the Horizon Valley map.

The first things that changed were Dark Slayer as well as Abyssal Dragon. The two objective monsters in Arena of Valor have changed their appearance, Dark Slayer looks cooler with black and bright purple patterns. Meanwhile, the Abyssal Dragon changed its appearance into a white dragon of light.

aov arena of valor horizpn valley 4.0 day night system day and night

This new look has the theme “Rebirth After Daybreak”, this version 4.0 map will later present a very important feature, namely the day and night feature! If King of Glory has a rain system, then Arena of Valor will have a day and night feature.

This day and night feature was previously used by a Japanese MOBA which was also developed by Tencent Games, namely WarSong. But it’s still unknown whether with the day and night features there will be certain buffs that will be present like in the WarSong game.

If you pay attention to this day and night feature, it combines the appearance of the previous AoV map with visual version 3.0. Map version 4.0 is planned to be released on the fifth anniversary of AoV. The map display that players see is also still in beta phase. Hopefully the AoV map display on version 4.0 later after its release will be better!

Rebirth After Daybreak Teaser - Garena AOV (Arena of Valor)

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