Arena of Valor Will Collaborate With Popular Anime Bleach

It’s not a new event for the mobile MOBA game Arena of Valor will collaborate with other popular anime, including Bleach. Looking at the past history, Arena of Valor has collaborated with Sword Art Online, Ultraman, DC, Wiro Sableng, Contra Return, KFC and other collaborations.

Now, this MOBA mobile game made by Tencent Games has surprisingly announced the latest collaboration with anime Bleach. This AOV collaboration with the popular anime will be the second time for Arena of Valor after last year they successfully presented Kirito and Asuna’s skins from the Sword Art Online anime.

Rumors of this collaboration have been around since a week ago, and today Garena has officially confirmed it. In a short post on AOV’s Facebook social account, they announced that a special collaboration will be coming to the game soon. arena of valor aov x belach

Even though they only say it is a special collaboration and don’t say the name Bleach directly, the confirmation of this collaboration can be seen from the logo in the image. The Arena of Valor logo used on the poster is very similar to the Bleach anime title design, which means this AOV x Bleach rumor has been confirmed.

On the poster they released, there are three heroes displayed, namely Bright, Murad and LuBu. Previously, rumors said that there will be five heroes who will get this collaboration content, they are Bright, Murad, LuBu, Anette and Lindis.

The start date of this collaboration is known to fall on the next 5 May, at the Arena of Valor on May 5, commemorated as MOBA Day. Until now, only the confirmation of collaboration has been announced, and Tencent and Garena have yet to provide further details about what content will be presented in this collaboration, whether a new skin or a new hero.

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If we pay attention to the rumors circulating in Arena of Valor x Bleach, chances are that the three or five heroes mentioned above will get a new Bleach-themed skin. All of these heroes are predicted to get special Bleach-themed skins, like last year’s Sword Art Online.

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