Ashe’s Trial, New Event in LoL: Wild Rift for Free Poro Coin

A few days ago, Riot Games just released a new event for the MOBA mobile game League of Legends: Wild Rift when the Yordle Expedition event was almost over. At the latest Wild Rift event entitled Ashe’s Trial, players can get various attractive prizes, especially free poro coins.

Unlike the previous event, Ashe’s Trial will take place with a shorter and faster timeframe, which means players must immediately complete all the missions in it as quickly as possible to get various kinds of prizes. This event has started running from January 26 to 30, 2021. Lol wild rift Ashe's Trial

In this event, Ashe will challenge the players to complete the available missions, and in return the players will get the Iceborn title. If you don’t know, Iceborn is a power possessed by several champions from the Freljord region, those who have Iceborn powers can manipulate the power of ice. Apart from Ashe, other champions such as Gragas, Braum and Olaf are some of them who have the Iceborn title.

Prove yourself a true Iceborn during Ashe’s Trial. From January 26 to January 31, complete missions and earn rewards worthy of the queen of the Freljord.

League of Legends: Wild Rift (@wildrift) January 26, 2021

In this Ashe’s Trial event, there are 6 missions that players must complete, each mission has a different task and of course, the prizes that players get will have different values. If players participate in and complete this event, players will get a total prize of 200 Poro Coins.

Below are the tasks and prizes:

  • 50x Takedowns: 20 Poro Coins
  • Kill 350x Minions / Monster: 20 Poro Coins
  • Deals 250,000 Total Damage to an enemy Champion: 30 Poro Coins
  • Destroy 50x Turret: 30 Poro Coins
  • Kill 15x Dragon: 40 Poro Coins
  • Win 10x match: 50 Poro Coins

After the player successfully completes the 6 missions, the player will get the main prize from this event, namely 10 Poro Coins and Star of the Stage Icon. It must be noted that this icon can only be obtained during this event, that means it will be an exclusive gift for players who complete the challenge.

Source: Wild Rift Twitter


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