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Auto Chess Mobile Will Present Co-op Mode 2v2v2v2 Like Chess Rush

Previously, Chess Rush came with the same genre as Auto Chess Mobile, but Chess Rush was superior in terms of gameplay mode because it had a Co-op Mode feature.

In this mode player will form a team with friends or with others randomly player match making online.

This mode is very interesting, because players can share their heroes and send more than 10 heroes to 8×4 board arena. Cooperation is important in this 2v2v2v2 mode.

chess rush co op 2v2v2v2

And now, not even two weeks after release of Season 2 yesterday, Auto Chess Mobile gave a surprise about the updates that were awaited by its players.

Through the official Facebook page Auto Chess announced that it will release the same mode like Chess Rush, co-op mode 2v2v2v2 in the game.

This mode will be the usual weekly rotation mode added by Drodo Studio so that the players don’t get bored playing the same game model.

FajarYusuf.Com doesn’t know yet about mechanism of winning and losing in this Auto Chess Mobile co-op mode.

One possibility is the existence of a team health system, which means that if one team member wins, the other members will also win the match.

Another possibility is to add up the total points obtained from each team. This mechanism seems fairer because it requires 4 members to fight together to win!


Possible Auto Chess Mobile co-op mode 2v2v2v2 will be released in the early week of August.

Because it is present in fantasy mode Auto Chess Mobile, then the mode can only be played for normal matches, it is likely that there will also be rotations with other modes going forward.

Let’s just see if the co-op mode that has succeeded in Chess Rush, will later boost the popularity of Auto Chess Mobile?.

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