Auto Chess Presence Of New Unit, Namely Ghost Prophet

Drodo Studio as a developer still continues to update new content into Auto Chess.

Shining Archer auto chess

Not long ago Auto Chess presented new unit Shining Archer, now they are reintroducing a new unit called Ghost Prophet.

This unit seems to still be associated with Dota 2, this unit is probably the Death Prophet on Dota 2 version of Auto Chess. Which means this unit has an Egersis/Warlock tag and is in Tier 5 Gold .

For skill abilities, Ghost Prophet can later emit many ghosts, and will fly around on the board, then hit the opponent’s unit to produce damage.

After a few seconds, these ghosts will return to Ghost Prophet’s body and produce damage according to damage obtained.

Ghost prophet auto chess

If this unit is the same as its predecessor, then an important point can

be taken that the Ghost Prophet is not a good tier 5 Gold unit without Tank unit.

Unlike the units that have the same price, the skill abilities of Ghost Prophet will immediately disappear once dies.

Which means, Ghost Prophet should be in back line and adjacent with Tank unit to be more awake. And must have strong front row unit that can last long enough.

In other words, Ghost Prophet as a tier 5 Gold unit needs too much support to be effective. This is quite different from most other Gold 5 tier units, which you can install on any line.

Later, it’s likely that Drodo Studio will make changes or buffs, which will make this unit better.

Either it lowers the price, changes the attribute, or even changes the ability skill. We’ll see the update next week when this unit is released.

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