Frostblaze Dragon umbra auto chess

2 New Units Auto Chess, Named Umbra And Frostblaze Dragon

There is good news, Auto Chess is currently planning to bring two new units into the game. The two new units are named Frostblaze Dragon and Umbra. These 2 units have the Dragon race and will complement the new synergy combo 6 Dragon. Together with Winter Chiropteran, Shining Dragon, Venom, and Dragon Knight. Looks like Frostblaze Dragon and Umbra will create a new strategy and meta into the game.

Frostblaze Dragon auto chess

Frostblaze Dragon has Warlock class and costs 5 gold, which means a legendary unit. Frostblaze Dragon has a skill called Icebound Wall, this skill can create a wall of ice that will block enemy units in the arena. Enemy units cannot attack units that are across the wall. While units that jump from one side to the other will get a debuff.

umbra auto chess

And information for Umbra, Umbra has Hunter class and costs 2 gold which means an uncommon unit. Umbra has the skill Summon, Umbra can make 2 clones himself. After activating a skill, the HP from Umbra will increase 100% from the umbra’s HP when activating the skill. The skill is almost the same as the skill possessed by Werewolf.

If matched between Dota 2 and Auto Chess, which means Frostblaze Dragon is Jakiro, and Umbra is Visage. Looks like the Auto Chess developer still wants to associate the Auto Chess game with its parent game, Dota 2. We’ll see next, whether Auto Chess will adapt another Dota 2 hero again.

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