Auto Chess Update presence New Unit And Nerf Combo Divinity

Auto Chess Update presence New Unit ‘Strange Egg’ And Nerf Combo Divinity

In the previous update Auto Chess has been presenting unit Divinity race , almost every game Auto Chess always rely on these new units.

The unit with the name of the God of War into a tank with a thick blood, and are also able to provide damage is great. Not only that, there are also units of the God of Thunder with the ability to appropriately referred to as ” Thanos ” on Chess’s Auto game.

In early July, the developers Drodo Studio do an update that provides nerf for Divinity’s new race, a chess piece new and balance changes to other units.

Nerf Race To Divinity and God Unit

You must have annoyed combo team player who always use the unit God. Finally in this update, Drodo Studio perform the correct steps to perform combos nerf to God and divinity race.

God of War – Shield Crash: Reduction of damage in the attack , if at the forefront of 30% / 50/70% to 30% / 45% / 60% . Adjustable side of the line of 15% / 25% / 35% to 15% / 22% / 30%

God of Thunder – Zeus Punishment: Magic Damage will be a reduction of 300/400/500 become 250/350/450 . HP-based also be adjusted from 10% / 15% / 20% to 8% / 10% / 12%

The presence of New Legendary Unit: Strange Egg

In this update, Auto Chess arrival of a new unit called Strange Egg . strange egg

Units such as this cute eggs have quality Legendary with race Feathered . Although including legendary unit, you can get Strange Egg on a player level of any game.

You should know that this unit is not specialized in the fight, because it does not have the skill to fight , and also have a low status.

Strange Egg will be considered as a wildcard unit , for passive skill it is ‘ Ever Changing ‘ that you can use to perform rank-up of other units, when we have not been lucky when reroll the desired unit.

We can do a combination of Strange Egg by pulling directly on the unit we want to combine.

Chess Balance Auto Update July

  • Mage-Synergy (3): Effects magic resistance reduction lowered from 40% to 35%
  • The Source-Awaken: Where restoration every 2 seconds derived from 10/18/26 becoming 14/08/20
  • Storm Shaman: Length skill Static Storm lowered from 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 seconds to 2/3/4 seconds
  • Redaxe Chief: Duration Taunt skill increased from 2/3/4 seconds by 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 seconds
  • Dwarf Sniper: Attack Damage is increased from 75/150/300 be 80/160/320
  • Taboo Witcher: HP increased from 500/1000/2000 be 550/1100/2200
  • Abyssal Guard: Corrosion will now lock nearest enemy target.

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