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AxE: Alliance VS Empire Releases New Moonstone System and Content

AxE: Alliance VS Empire, released for Android and iOS devices, is a MMORPG mobile game that is quite popular in the world. The game developed by Nexon Corporation has a variety of interesting features, ranging from Open World, character customization, cool Story Line and wrapped with graphics that spoil the eyes, and now the game is getting the latest updates.

Nexon has provided various new features that will enhance the player’s playing experience, namely:

  • Moonstone System: In the latest update, players can get Moonstone in area 4 “Ahl Pazo Spirit Fores” up to area 11 “Adventus” by killing monsters there. There will be 4 tier Moonstone, each with its own power level, which will increase the strength of your character.
  • Seeker Book Mission Log: new players, and players who return after a long retirement will get the Seeker Book which is equipped with various missions and challenges. Players who successfully complete the mission will get special in-game rewards that are cool and interesting.
  • Increase Artifact Power: In the update, AxE increases the maximum level cap for each gem in ‘Deisha’s Sacrifice, Aegis of Samrave, Tyr’s Renewal and Shedim’s Favor Artifact.
  • New Wings: There will be a new Mechanica Wings that will be one of the OP items with a maximum level of 60 and Passive Skill 2s Invincibility (Cannot be attacked by any skills or attacks) when HP is below 15% with a 100s cooldown.
Moonstone Ax system

Not only that, Nexon also gave a variety of new costumes such as the Dark Nobility Outfit and various seasonal events to commemorate the updated content, such as the Deap Sea Event which will give exclusive prizes in the game. AxE offers an open world MMORPG gaming experience, with various features that are not inferior to PC games.

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