Big Carnival 77 Event Seven Knights 5 Years Celebration

Netmarble through a press release today announced a series of special events titled Big Carnival 77 Days to celebrate the major update of the 5 year anniversary of their popular RPG game, yep Seven Knights.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary and the Big Carnival 77 Days Seven Knights event until next October, players can enjoy a variety of in-game events such as the daily Punch Machine, popping balloons and collecting darts with big prizes waiting. big carnival 77 seven knights a

Not only that, Netmarble also released a new Awaken Pet named Mr. Armor which is a Pet from the Dark Knights Platin.

The Event area has been added to the game as new content and can be played for a week without updates. Players can collect special numbered cards and exchange them for various prizes using various methods. Players can also exchange the remaining cards with other guild members or request cards when they are lacking.

Seven Knights has been available in more than 150 countries in the world since its release in October 2015.

Publiher: Netmarble

Source: Press Release

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