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Black Desert Mobile And PC Update New Class Hashashin

Pearl Abyss has officially announced that their MMORPG game, Black Desert PC and Black Desert Mobile will receive an update for the first time simultaneously. Players can now try playing the new class Hashashin and can claim special prizes at Black Desert PC and Mobile.

Hashashin is a warrior from Valencia god, Aal, who seeks the truth behind the fallen Blackstar. With a very special skill, Hashashin is able to manipulate sandstorms and blend with sand, he can also disappear and reappear instantly while summoning a huge whirlwind to attack enemies. The Hashashin engaged in a medium-range battle with Shamshir, who had a crescent-shaped main weapon, passed through the desert and slammed his gun into the ground to send out waves of sandstorms.

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In Black Desert Mobile, players who raise their Hashashin level to level 60 before September 28 will receive a Jade Ring and Jade Bracelet. This is the first time Black Desert has provided Abyssal-grade accessories as a gift. By raising the Hashashin level to level 50, players can also get Level 60 Character Generator Coupons which can be used to get Ascended or Awakened characters. Not only that, there are a wide variety of items available by simply logging in until September 30th.

More info can be found on the Black Desert Mobile Official Website.

Source: Black Desert Mobile Official Website

Class Preview: "Hashashin" [Black Desert Mobile]


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