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Black Desert Mobile Presents a New Class of Beautiful Tamer

Pearl Abyss officially announced today that a new class update, Tamer, is now available in the MMORPG game Black Desert Mobile. Tamer is one of the most unique classes that is now present in the Black Desert Mobile game because Tamer’s fighting style is very special.

Her charming face covered her cruelty and prowess in battle. Tamer uses his weapon shortsword and trinket to hunt down his enemies along with the legendary protector, the beast god Heilang. Tamer commands Heilang during battle, and together they deliver attacks and synchronization that cause fear to all enemies Tamer confronts.

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New PvP mode Black Sun has also been added in this update. In this new mode, players can fight against each other on the battlefield while The Black Sun is in the sky. By defeating other players in battle and obtaining a higher Black Sun score, players will be rewarded with valuable items such as Dark Coins or Chaos Crystals.

Last but not least, the live stream for Adventurers who want to know more about Tamer is now underway! GM Joel is currently holding a special BDM Talk episode, and players can watch him upgrade the new class on YouTube and Facebook

Visit the Black Desert Mobile official website for more information click HERE

October 13 New Class: Tamer


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