Black Desert Mobile Releases a New Feature Called Constellation

The hugely popular mobile game MMORPG from Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Mobile has just released a new feature called constellation. This new feature is included in the family-based content category, a star that has lost its light and players must restore that light with the help of six family characters.

Before players start exploring to restore this starlight, players must complete a mission called Faded Constellation. After completing the mission, players will get a menu to complete the constellation mission and can start the search for the starlight.

However, to access this menu players need adventure tokens, which can be obtained by completing daily missions. This constellation mission will give players many prizes, especially silver when the player enters the battlefield. The stronger the enemy you face, the bigger the prize you will get.

By completing various missions or levels, players will gain knowledge that will provide boosts for Max Energy, Attack Points and Defense Points. With this update, Black Desert Mobile has 3 constellations, namely sealing stone, hammer and shield. Black Desert Mobile Constellation

As additional information, if the player completes this mission together with family members, the player will also get extra status. All family members will get additional Max HP, AP and DP. There are 8 types of prizes that players can get on this new mission, and all of them can be obtained easily.

It is quite difficult to open this new mission, but after the player completes all these new missions and levels, the rewards are also very large and proportional to the player’s effort. Don’t miss it, because maybe this mission is only temporary.

Along with this update, Pearl Abyss also made various bug fixes and adjustments for Black Desert Mobile.

Source: Pearl Abyss


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