black desert mobile siege war

Black Desert Mobile Presents Siege War Mode Update

Black Desert Mobile has made hype among MMORPG gamers, because this mobile game has finally been released globally which is a mobile game ported from the original version on PC. This Mobile Game also presents graphics with very epic quality for a mobile game class.

Now, Pearl Abyss as the developer is doing the latest update for Black Desert Mobile. In this update, they present the new mode, the Siege War PvP Mode. In this mode the players will compete with each other’s greatness.

Black Desert Mobile siege war

Siege War Mode is a battle between guilds with a system of fighting over the territory that is in that mode, there will be two regions, namely Balenos and Serendia. To win, each Guild will take care of each other’s Holy Artifact and destroy the enemy’s Artifact.

This update is an update that is awaited by Black Desert Mobile players, Siege War PvP Mode is one of the excellent features that makes this game popular. So, if you are a Black Desert Mobile player, you can immediately update and enjoy the fun in Siege War mode.

Black Desert MOBILE Official Gameplay Trailer

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