Blade and Soul 2 (KR) is doing the first update of Chapter 1 Lord of Time

In the past few weeks, Blade & Soul 2 (KR) has been released in South Korea, and was not very successful, because this MMORPG game with stunning graphics has various problems including technical and community issues. Since then, NCsoft has managed to fix most of those issues, and is now finally doing the first new post-release Update for this mobile MMORPG.

The first update of Blade and Soul 2 (KR) has the title “Chapter 1: Lord of Time”, the main content in this update is a new area, Haeryong Mountains, and some new content, including new Boss, new Quests, and Heroic Weapons Drop.

Blade and Soul 2 first update chapter 1 lord of time

NCsoft hasn’t announced the global release for Blade & Soul 2 yet, so hopefully the global release will be in 2022.


Blade & Soul 2 Chapter 1 update trailer


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