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Blade And Soul Revolution Update Act 6 Other Realm And Halloween Event

Netmarble Corp officially announced today the arrival of a new update for the game Blade and Soul Revolution, an oriental MMORPG genre mobile game that presents a riveting cinematic story about revenge adapted based on the online PC game Blade and Soul. This update introduces the Act 6 other realm, and a new Campaign Dungeon to celebrate Halloween events.

Netmarble releases a new Act 6 Scenario update, Other Realm, which features the exclusive Blade and Soul Revolution story. This story focuses on Erna, the new Villain character after Jinsoyun. In addition, a new Campaign Dungeon was also opened for players to enjoy as a form of Halloween celebration.

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Not only the addition of Scenarios, this update also presents a new Campaign Dungeon, namely the New Moon Dungeon. Players can enjoy New Moon Dungeon with Dark Emissary Jinsoyun who is the Final Boss in this Dungeon. Players who successfully complete all missions can get Pumpkin Coin and Witch Coin as well as various other items such as Legendary Equipment Recipe Fragment Box and Jack O ‘Lantern Mask.

As an update for the Halloween celebration, several events were also presented, one of which was the 7 Days Check-in Event which gave New Moon Accessory and New Moon Medal by simply checking in to the game. In addition, there is also a 28-day Check-in Event with a Special Heroic Equipment Box reward upon successful Check-in for 28 consecutive days. Players can also get a Special Heroic Equipment Box when successfully completing the latest Act 6.

Source: Netmarble Press Release


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