Blade and Soul Revolution Update Merge Server and Raid Meganura

Netmarble Corp officially through a press release today announced the arrival of the latest update for their MMORPG game, yap Blade and Soul Revolution, an oriental action MMORPG mobile game that presents a riveting cinematic story about the revenge of the martial arts college adapted from the MMORPG PC Blade and Soul online. This Blade and Soul Revolution update will Merge Server and new Raid content, Dawn of Khanda Vihar.

This new Blade and Soul Revolution update introduces the new 16-Player Raid Dawn of Khanda Vihar which can only be played by players who have completed all Step Quest Act 5. Blade and Soul Revolution Merge Server Raid Meganura a

This new Dawn of Khanda Vihar raid required strong cooperation between the sixteen player party. The players will first meet the Mini Boss named Dawn Ivory Specter and Seal Guardian then after defeating them and all missions have been completed, players will fight against Final Boss Meganura. The main key to completing this Raid is working with other players to defeat Meganura.

Not only new content that is present in this update, Blade and Soul Revolution will also merge server. Through this server merger, players can work together or fight against other players who have never met before.

Source: Netmarble Press Release


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