Blade & Soul Revolution Celebrate Anniversary Released Assassin

The popular mobile gaming company, Netmarble, presents a new class of Assassin and a new server “BSR365” as the 1st Anniversary of the mobile MMORPG game Blade & Soul Revolution, an oriental action MMORPG featuring a riveting cinematic story of revenge adapted based on the online PC game Blade & Soul. Players can participate in various special events from 12 May to 15 June and enjoy the excitement of the 1 Year Celebration.

The new class of Assassin that players have been waiting for displays agile and stunning skills when attacking enemies with Webbing to tie them in the air. Assassin also uses Stealth so that it is not seen by the enemy and becomes the target target.

In addition, the Assassin in Blade & Soul Revolution are able to destabilize enemies and enter the Battlefield for powerful and unexpected attacks. Players who prefer to battle with the Party will like Assassin because of the skill to provide Stealth mode to Party members by adjusting skill settings.

Assassin Blade & Soul Revolution anniversary anniversary

For the 1st Year Celebration, the Starlight Festival will be held from May 12th to June 15th. Players have the opportunity to get “Starlight Coin” and “Legendary Starlight Coin” by completing Mission Events or participating in “Starlight Basin” Field Event and “Starlight Festival” Dungeon Event. The coins you get can be exchanged for new Legendary Pet and 1 Year Anniversary special items.

In the Starlight Village Event Area , players can get Battle EXP buff from special NPCs while enjoying the star-filled night atmosphere. Other celebratory events including 7 Days Check-in which provides 365 Black Crystals as a login reward for 6 days and a new Heroic Pet on the 7th day of login has also been prepared for players.

In addition, a new “BSR365” server with Battle EXP buff and exclusive items has been opened to celebrate Blade & Soul Revolution’s first anniversary . An Invite Friends Event which allows current players to invite friends with a customized Invite Friend Code is also being held from May 12 to June 15. When players enter their Invite Friends Code to join Blade & Soul Revolution , code owners and new players will receive rewards including 365 Heroic Fragments and 365 Gift Boxes. Other abundant rewards await players who complete the 3 Day Mission Check-in. Not only that, 5,000 Black Crystals will also be given to the top 10 players who have invited the most friends among all servers.

Apart from that, players can also get additional rewards when entering the “BNSRGIFT” Pre-Registration Coupon on the Special Pre-Registration Website before venturing into the new server.


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