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Blade & Soul Revolution Update Presents New Class Blade Dancer

Netmarble Corp today through a press release officially announces the arrival of a new update for their MMORPG game, Blade & Soul Revolution, an oriental action MMORPG mobile game featuring a riveting cinematic story about revenge from the online PC game adaptation, Blade & Soul. This update introduces a new class in Blade & Soul Revolution, Blade Dancer, a new melee attack type class from the Lyn race which is now available for players to use.

Blade Dancer has special skills and special skills that can attack by spinning in the air after making the sword bigger in a short time. Netmarble has released the full video of this new Gampelay Class on the official Youtube account.

Apart from the new class, there is also a new Equipment Update “Belt” which is available, so now players can feel the effects of the Accessory 8 Set. This equipment also comes with a new Defense Ignorant ATK stat and provides DMG Reduction & HP effects.

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This update also presents a new Disputed Territory “Automaton Graveyard“. Players can enjoy PvP matches together with other players. A new server will also be present and provide an additional EXP of 30% to help your char player get stronger faster.

Netmarble presents a 7 Days Miracle Event to celebrate the Blade & Soul Revolution Blade Dancer update. Players who successfully check-in for 7 days and reach certain level requirements will receive a Heroic Equipment Box as a reward.

There is also a Comeback User Event with various benefits such as an increase in Item Drop Rate by 15%, Silver Acquisition by 30%, and Inventory Max Weight of 500. Players can also participate in the Blade Dancer Coin Event to get various special rewards by exchanging Blade Dancer Coins. obtained.

Source: Netmarble Press Release

[Blade&Soul Revolution] Class Baru Blade Dancer, Angin Cepat Battlefield Hadir!


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