Blade&Soul Revolution Celebrating 1 Year With Special Website Release

Global gaming company Netmarble has released a special website for players who pre-register to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Blade&Soul Revolution, an oriental action MMORPG mobile game featuring a riveting cinematic story of revenge from the PC game adaptation Blade&Soul. Netmarble also presents various events including the Starlight Festival with abundant rewards for players to enjoy.

Starting today, players can pre-register on the special website and register coupons to receive 3 Black Boxes. In addition, 1,000 Black Crystals will also be awarded to the first 100,000 players.

A large scale update with a new class “Assassin” and a new server will be released with the 1st Anniversary Celebration on May 13th. Players can get EXP Buffs and exclusive items on the new server and New / Comeback Players who log into the game will get Black Crystals and Heroic Pet Breeze Sparrow. In addition, the +8 Heroic Accessory Set will also be available as a reward for players.

Blade&soul revolution assassin 1th anniversary ulang tahun site situs special web

Players can also enjoy the new Dungeon Event “Starlight Festival” and the new “Starlight Basin” Field to get Event Coins which can be exchanged for various Event Rewards such as new Equipment and Medals. More information on the 1st Anniversary Celebration can be found on the special website.

Blade&Soul Revolution is a mobile MMORPG game adapted from the popular PC game Blade&Soul . The game maintains the same overall 3D graphics quality and large-scale content as its predecessor PC version and has been updated so that it works well on mobile devices.

In addition to presenting games with high-quality 3D visuals, players can also enjoy large-scale real-time Faction War content and stunning martial arts action. In addition, there is also Dungeon content full of strategies and social features that are active like a real community.

Source: Netmarble Press Release


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