Blastoise Has Been Released In Pokemon Unite, Here’s The Item Build And How To Play It!

After players waited for more than a month, Blastoise is now finally here in the MOBA Pokemon Unite game. Yep on Patch 1.1.17 which was released today, the main focus of this patch is the release of Blastoise and its costumes. Apart from that there are also Bug Fixes and Text Fixes as usual, but the fixes written don’t say specifically what is being fixed.

About Blastoise Pokemon Unite

Blatoise pokemon unite build item how to play

This is definitely good news for players! Blastoise is a Defender type Pokemon and players can buy it for 8000 Aeos Coins. Blastoise can use the SP Attacker/Defender hybrid build item, because there are better Pokemon as pure Defenders, including Snorlax or Crustle. This is because Blastoise can deal enormous damage with the skills it has.

Blastoise is very risky if it hasn’t reached level 7 so players should focus on leveling up especially before the first Drednaw battle begins. Hydro Pump + Surf is an easy-to-master combo-skill build as well as an excellent combo for pushing enemies around, and very useful during team battles. Use this combo to reposition enemies, allowing pokemon allies to quickly focus on defeating the enemy.

Unite Move Blastoise can easily change the tide of team battles because it deals a huge amount of damage to an area. If coupled with a Surf or Hydro Pump combo, Blastoise can clean every enemy.

Build Item Blastoise Pokemon Unite

Blatoise pokemon unite build item how to play

The best Blastoise Pokemon Unite build items for now are: Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, Wise Glasses

Source: Pokemon Unite


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