Blissey Released Into Pokemon Unite Game, Pokemon With Tank-Support Role!

The Pokemon Company on Twitter has officially announced that Blissey will join the battle in the MOBA game Pokemon Unite today, August 18th.

Blissey will be the second Pokemon to be released, after Gardevoir which has been added to Pokemon Unite. Players can use the Fairy-type Pokemon today, August 18th.

Unlike Gardevoir which focuses on magic damage, Blissey will be a Pokemon that has a Support role with a healing buff and has a large healthpoint that can be played as tank-support.

In the published Blissey gameplay trailer, players can see that Blissey can get pokemon ball passes obtained by his team, which directly captures enemy points. Not only that, in the Blissey trailer, it also heals the team and damages the enemy at the same time, making this Pokemon one of the Pokemon that shouldn’t be underestimated, because it has a very useful skill-set.


Unlike Gardevoir, Blissey is a Pokemon that was previously present in the BETA version of Pokemon Unite, but was eventually released in the next update or was not presented directly at the same time as the game’s release. Blissey will definitely be a very useful Pokemon in the MOBA Pokemon Unite game.

“Blissey is a support Pokemon with buff moves that can heal and increase basic attack speed! Blissey’s Unite Move, Bliss Assistance, allows him to run to help an ally and protect that ally from enemy attacks” -pokemon unite twitter

Source: Twitter

Blissey Character Spotlight | Pokémon UNITE

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