Boros Present Limited In ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest

It only took 2 days from the time of release, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest immediately reached the top of the most downloaded charts in the Southeast Asia region. More than 3 million players have joined the game and built their team.

Strong man who fought fiercely against Saitama, namely Boros, finally present in the game ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest! Surely their battles have left extraordinary impressions on the fans, such as strong kick waves, and cannon blows that can knock down stars. From July 1 until July 10, Boros will be available to be recruited in the Limited Recruitment pool. So, don’t miss this opportunity! boros one punch man the strongest a


  • CV: Toshiyuki Morikawa
  • Faction: Monster
  • Type: Esper
  • Role: Single-target Attacker. Strongest Burst.

The leader of Dark Matter Thieves, who followed the prophet’s instructions and came to Earth to look for opponents.

Skill 1: Crushing Hook (Basic Attack)

Deal damage to one target and enter Berserk status (increase damage).
Next Effect: damage will increase.

Skill 2: King Flurry (Ultimate)

Attack a single target with 3 consecutive attacks. Allied espers will increase damage skills.
Next Effect: damage will increase.

Skill 3: Restraining Armor (Passive)

Wasteful will be healed when allies are healed. Effects are needed up to 6 times each turn. Increase HP permanently. Passive effects will be increased after the Limit Break reaches 5 stars.
Next Effect: HP will increase.


  • Mankind’s Nemesis: Activated when having a Vaccine Man and the Deep Sea King. Increase ATK by 10%.
  • Dark Matter Thieves: Activated when having Groribas, Geryuganshoop, Melzargard, and other Dark Matter Thieves. Increase HP by 10%.
  • Self-Heal: Activates when having Zombieman and Melzargard. Increase HP by 10%.
  • Armored Core: Activated when having a Hammerhead and Armored Gorilla. Increase HP by 10%.
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There is the most important thing for players to do this week, players can exchange Diamonds with Limited Vouchers, which can be used for a Limited Recruitment pool. This event is only available for this week so don’t miss it!

Publisher: FingerFun

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