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Brawlhalla Presents Season 2 Battle Pass Synthwave-Themed

It doesn’t feel like time flies so fast, that Brawlhalla has entered its second season. This exciting arena fighting game is also officially released for Android and iOS this year. Since its release, Ubisoft and Blue Mammoth have provided various kinds of content updates in order to continue to provide new gaming experiences in their games. Until the Battle Pass Season 2 Brawlhalla which is present in this update.

Ubisoft has officially announced the content of Brawlhalla battle pass season 2. The battle pass, which will last for 12 weeks, will contain the Synthwave theme for each legend. There are 85 Tiers that can be unlocked by players with various unique prizes.

fajaryusuf.com Battle Pass Season 2 Themed Synthwave a

Like battle passes in general games, battle pass season 2 will present several avatars, skin weapons, color schemes, emotes, and sidekicks for players who enjoy the free pass. Meanwhile, players who buy a gold battle pass will get several character skins, knockout effects, podium progressions, progression skins, mammoth coins, battle pass boosters, loading frames, thematic UI, and all the prizes from the free pass.

Not only that, the weekly missions can also be enjoyed by players who have a gold battle pass. This includes accessories and Synthwave loot.

Source: Brawlhalla


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