Bruno Gets Buff, Marksman Mobile Legends Becomes META

Not long ago, Moonton gave buffs to several marksman heroes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game. Starting from Hanabi who gets a buff in the form of increasing skills for damage, then there is Bruno who gets an overpowered buff that can destroy tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

The leak related to the Mobile Legends buff update is being tested on the Advance server. Players can now try a buff that affects Bruno’s basic-attack range so he can shoot the ball from a longer distance than before. But not only that, Bruno’s ultimate skill also gets a buff that can kill tank heroes very easily.

As is well known, the effect of Bruno’s ultimate skill is a reduction in the defense (penetration) of enemy heroes by the number of times Bruno’s ultimate skill hits the enemy with a maximum of 3 stacks. The effect of this ultimate skill, usually only reduces the enemy’s defense by 3-9 with a maximum total defense reduction of 27 Physical Defense which is not very useful when entering the Late-game.

bruno get buff next update mobile legends_(2)

However, Bruno’s new buff now changes the effect from 3-9 to 4%-8%, with a total damage reduction of 24% in the late game. This effect will certainly be very useful for killing Mobile Legends tank heroes with very large defense. Reducing defense by this percentage will also have an additional stack by using the Phsyical-Defense penetration defense item, Malefic Roar. With a total defense reduction of 24% + 50% to 74% in total. Any hero tank will be very easy to kill with 5x attacks when using Bruno who focuses on damage penetration.

Yep, with this buff update it will be easier to use Bruno to get Savage, so marksman heroes will likely return to being META heroes!

Source: dafrixkun


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