BTS World Merchandise Now Available On Nermarble Store!

Netmarble on August 27, 2019 announced limited edition OST BTS WORLD album and also a wide range of the latest merchandise collections will be available on Netmarble Online Store starting August 29.

OST BTS WORLD album will come in the form of a package containing an OST album, ID Card manager, neck wallet, 8 story cards, and a set of 8 magnets .

The latest BTS WORLD merchandise collection that will be released together with the OST album consists of 7 types of mirror popsocket and 7 types of strap keyring that feature BTS member characters in BTS WORLD, and acrylic keyring with seven different designs.

bts world tour merch

In addition to BTS WORLD merchandise, this online store also has merchandise from the character ‘Netmarble Friends’ namely Keke, Tori, Bob, and Leon, as well as popular Netmarble game merchandise such as Seven Knights, Let’s Get Rich, and many more.

This online store is available in Korean, English, Japanese and Mandarin and provides shipping worldwide (some countries are not included). For more information, please visit NETMARBLE ONLINE STORE.

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