BTS WORLD October Update Presents Mysterious Chapter 15

Netmarble today officially announced the latest update for the mobile game BTS WORLD, a simulation genre game that offers players an extraordinary role as BTS Manager. BTS WORLD latest update will be available on October 7 with the addition of Chapter 15 which will feature various mysterious stories that BTS members have experienced and commemorate their achievements on the Billboard charts.

In addition to Chapter 15, which features BTS's success on the Billboard charts, here are other additions to the BTS WORLD October update:

  • New 5 ★ BTS Member Card is available
  • Great chance to get Emotion and Passion Card from October 7-14
  • Great chance to get Stamina and Wisdom Cards from October 14-21
  • 7 Day Check-In Event in October
  • Bonus Time event with buffs to draw Mileage, Gold, and EXP
  • DNA Draw event with free DNA draw every 6 hours
  • Sales of special package items in the shop bts world chapter 15 a

BTS WORLD has presented more than 10,000 new photos and 100 exclusive BTS videos in-game, and players can interact virtually with BTS as their Manager through various interactive 1: 1 content. So, don't miss the excitement of the latest BTS WORLD chapter 15 update!

Source: Netmarble press release


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