bts world chapter 8

BTS WORLD Update Chapter 8 And New Sticker Features

Netmarble yesterday September 19, 2019 officially announced the latest update for their flagship simulation mobile game, yep BTS WORLD. Games that offer the extraordinary experience of being a BTS Manager.

In this update presents the latest chapter 8 and an upgrade to the styling system with the addition of 56 costumes, which you can feel starting yesterday September 19.

BTS WORLD Update Chapter 8

Chapter 8 BTS World will tell you about BTS who are preparing an album in the United States, including original content created in connection with the global superstar. In addition, this chapter also features 7 new 5-star cards in the Boy In Luv costume, the main song from BTS Skool Luv Affair’s 2nd EP.

This BTS WORLD update this time also comes with new mission regulations. The players are required to choose a member card with certain conditions to be able to complete the mission and continue the game.

This update also brought a big upgrade to the in-game styling system. 56 new styling items have been added along with a sticker feature that can be used by players to decorate BTS member images. In addition, players can also share their creations on social media.

For more information, please visit the BTS World Official Website. The latest BTS WORLD updates are also available on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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