Character Skin Features Will Be Available In Genshin Impact, Jean & Barbara First

Leak updates are something that really makes a game hype, especially if the leak is related to the game Genshin Impact, whose game updates are always the talk of players around the world. Not long ago there was an information leak from leakers who revealed that Genshin Impact will immediately implement cosmetic or skin item features in the game for the characters.

According to the leak, Mihoyo is reportedly developing a Skin System which will be added to the Dressin Room. Just like Wings, character skins can be changed in the action-RPG game feature.

Barbara Jean skins genshin impact

The first two Genshin Impact characters who will get the skin from this feature are Barbara entitled, Summertime Sparkle, and Jean, Sea Breeze. Both skins have a summer theme that players will certainly be able to enjoy in the near future. Moreover, it is rumored that Barbara’s skin will be distributed for free.

But considering that this is only a leak, there will be a lot of developments and changes that might be different from what has been mentioned above. But what is certain is that this skin feature is eagerly awaited by players and that will definitely make the game more colorful and less boring.

Source:  Seewlie


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