Cherry Blossom is now available in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cherry Blossom is now available in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Devsisters recently updated their very popular RPG game, yep, Cookie Run: Kingdom. This update features enhanced Kingdom decorations, 7 new costumes, a new Dark Cacao server, and a new cookie called Cherry Blossom Cookie.

The newest addition to the Cookie roster will remind all players of the beauty of the Sakura tree, the Cherry Blossom Cookie is an Epic Ambush Cookie whose position is behind the timparty. Cherry Blossom Cookie loves picnics and cooks lunch for everyone, but won’t let anyone get close to his friends either. Cherry Blossom is voiced by Sarah Wiedenheft (Love Live! Sunshine!!, My Hero Academia) in English, Haru Kim (Bathroom Humour, Clytaemnestra) in Korean, and Kaori Maeda (Black Street Girls, Aikatsu Stars) in Japanese.

Cherry Blossom is now available in Cookie Run Kingdom

As a fighter, Cherry Blossom’s Specialskill won’t cause too much damage as it involves cherry blossoms raining down on the enemies, but will definitely deal a crushing blow to the enemies. This Blizzard from Cookie’s flower will surely make enemies fly with AoE damage. Not only that, Cherry Blossom Cookies also deal damage to non-Cookies while increasing the ATK of all allies.

Several additional features are also present in this latest update, including the much-anticipated save and load feature that finally allows players to save royal loadings and load them whenever they want. This is coupled with quality of life changes and improved Storage features. Finally, a new spring-themed item is also coming to Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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