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Chess Rush Will Do a Season 2 Update, Lots of New Content

For many Chess Rush players, there are already many who know, Chess Rush will be doing Season 2 update. The seasonal update is planned to take place in the near future this October, while celebrating the Halloween event.

Yep, Chess Rush will indeed update Season 2 while adding the feel of Halloween to in-game. Whatever things are present in the game Chess Rush, some leaks have succeeded in getting FajarYusuf.Com.

Later in Season 2 Chess Rush, the rank system will change, all tier ranks in each game mode will be combined, such as classic mode, turbo and squad mode will be in the same tier rank, but with different values so that the game remains balanced.

Furthermore, for every new season there must be a decrease in tier rank in each game, Chess Rush also does that, but because in Season 2 there is a change in tier rank system, later the tier rank used in Season 1 is the highest rank of one of the main modes mentioned earlier. From that rank, your rank will be calculated the amount of the decrease.

Also, don’t forget, for those of you who like to shop for various in-game items, it looks like you should buy them right now, because later on Season 2 items in stores and lotteries that are still in Season 1 will be deleted immediately.

map halloween chess rush

For the latest content features, later Chess Rush will present a new mode called Bot Mode. This mode is specifically for players who want to try the strategies they make or just practice using combos against player bots, so your rank tier remains safe.

chess rush bot mode

Finally, as explained earlier, with the Halloween event, Chess Rush will present an in-game design with a full feel of Halloween, even the initial interface of this game will also follow the Halloween theme.

chess rush season 2 halloween
chess rush new hero skin season 2

To find out about the latest updates on Chess Rush season 2, you can visit the official Facebook and official Instagram Chess Rush.

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