Influencers Must Take Prizes At Chess Rush Star Challenge

In July 2019, Tencent held an event to celebrate the release of Chess Rush. The event is called Chess Rush Star Global Challenge , and this will be the seizure by the Influencer.

If you have never played the game of Chess Rush, the game is developed by Tencent for a genre game popular this year, Auto Chess / Auto Battler , which combines the features of a chess game with MOBA to create a new strategy gaming experience.

Arena Of Valor and PUBG Mobile are the two games that have been released by Tencent has become the success game E-Sport, with the presence of Chess Rush, Tencent want to win the next success in the genre of game Auto Chess / Auto Battler.

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This game takes place on board 8 × 8, and you will compete with seven other players to win, using more than 50 hero units that exist, such as chess, but full of animation, full of character, and the movement of the hero does not like rigid of chess pieces.

Strategy is the key to victory. you need to make sure you guys already tight formation and optimal use, and you can combine the hero units of the type is similar to getting a bonus status affinity , make sure the best items to complete the hero units, and other important matters.

In classic mode, the game can take up to 40 minutes. But Chess Rush also has Turbo Mode, which is great innovation to provide a formula which can make the game only being 10 minutes done, making the game much more thrilling and faster.

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And there was also a co-op mode, which allows you to collaborate with your friends and create teams to compete in the world Chess Rush.

Prepare Yourself For Star Global Challenge Chess Rush

chess featured rush

Star Global Challenge Chess Rush will choose eight influencers to get a direct reward. Influencers will come from all the country: Brazil, Thailand, North America, Germany, Japan, Indonesia, Russia, and Korea.

In terms of information about this tournament, you can create a live streaming directly in Facebook games page and YouTube channel, in which there should be information from several events, and also covering various aspects of the game, including the Classic Mode and Turbo Mode.

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For prizes, there will be $ 10,000 up for grabs for the champion on the first position , $ 5,000 for second , and $ 1,000 for third . The first and second champion will also work for a longer time with Tencent , while all the contestants who follow this event will gain in game items.

You can also participate in this event, three Influencers with the largest audience and the lucky ones will win the three phones.

Visit official account Instagram , Facebook , and Twitter Chess Rush for more details on how to win the prizes from Star Global Challenge.

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