Chess Rush Update Season 1, New Stinger and New Hero Gluttony

Massive update was made by Tencent for Chess Rush today on August 8, 2019, besides doing Season 1 updates, there were 16 new things also present in the game.

season 1 chess rush board update
special effects chess rush

Some of these things are the presence of boards, special effects, emotes, characters, and new heroes in the current game Chess Rush S1.

gluttony chess rush

The new heroes present in this update are Gluttony, as a Class Warrior and an Undead with his lifestyles, Gluttony will be useful in many strategies in battle.

One of the heroes also updated on this S1 update, Stinger, now this hero is a Race Elf & Undead at the same time, it seems to be a new meta with the addition of Undead to Stinger.

The first major update of Chess Rush has been released since this morning, let’s log into the game and meet New Stinger and Gluttony.

These two heroes will make an interesting synergy combo! Tell us what you think of the major Season 1 Chess Rush update in the comments!

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