Clash Royale Latest Update, New Champions Archer Queen, Golden Knight, and Skelton King’s

The Strategy-PvP game from SupercellClash Royale, has just released a content update that brings new Champions, reduced King Level Experience, and more rewards for players. When Level14 releases on iOS and Android devices, players can enjoy higher King/Princess Tower Damage/Health, as well as higher upgrades for Cards at lower costs.

Which means, the latest update of Clash Royale has reduced the number of cards and gold required to upgrade. Players will also be compensated for the cards they have spent while upgrading their previous stuff.

Clash Royale latest update new champions

New Champions have also joined, with exciting new abilities and unique features within the Arena. Archer Queen has the Cloaking Cape skill which renders Archer Queen invisible and increases shooting speed, dealing massive damage to enemies with arrows. The Golden Knight has the Dashing Dash skill which allows him to accelerate towards the opponent and attack with a chain attack for some damage.

And skill Soul Summoning belonging to the Skeleton King’s allow the Skeleton King’s collect the souls of dead and raise them as Skeleton Warriors who would do his bidding. Players will be able to get these new Champions once they reach KL14, but can also play with them in Special Challenges with unlimited retry and epic rewards. Which includes 10k Gold and free Book of Cards, plus other in-game prizes up for grabs in the second part of the Challenge.

If you want to take part in this game and try out the new Champions yourself, you can download Clash Royale on the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Source: clashroyaleblog

Clash Royale CHAMPIONS UPDATE! ⚔️ NEW RARITY, LEVEL 14, & MORE! ⚔️ (TV Royale)


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