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Netmarble Corp has just announced the opening of a pre-registration event for their latest oriental mobile action MMORPG update, Blade & Soul Revolution. This update introduces a new class, Summoner, with the skill to recover dead Party members with cooperation and strategy.

The Summoner class is very beneficial if used when in a Party because it can do long range attacks. The Skill Summoner consists of a Rumble Queen summon and a Solar Beam attack.

update summoner blade and soul revolution

In this new update, Netmarble has prepared an event with abundant prizes to celebrate the Summoner update. Players who register on the pre-registration update for Summoner will get the Radiant Rare Equipment Box.

Not only that, 100 selected players who took part in the special sweepstakes event will also get a 7 Days Hajoon’s Blessing prize. Further information about event details can be seen through notifications.

Marketplace has also been added to this update. Players can exchange items by making purchases or sales. Blue Crystal is the currency needed to buy items in the Marketplace.

Publisher: Netmarble

Source: Netmarble Press Release

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