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Com2us Presents Collaboration Update Summoners War x Street Fighter

Coming to an update next week, Com2uS will add a variety of new Monsters as a result of the collaboration with Capcom‘s legendary fighting game, yep Street Fighter V: Champion Edition x Summoners War.

The new collaborative monsters that will be added to the RPG game include: RYU, KEN, BISON, CHUN-LI, DHALSIM and others who have been the favorite characters of Street Fighter series game players for 30 years. They will become available as new monsters in the Summoners War and players can summon them.

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Com2uS revealed pictures and videos of the Street Fighter monsters through the official Summoners War community forum and social media, and also announced new content and gameplay that will be implemented into Summoners War with the collaboration of these two popular games.

Not only that, this new collaboration not only brings Street Fighter characters into the Summoners War graphic style, but also presents famous special moves and skills such as Hadoken RYU, Psycho Crusher BISON, and DHALSIM’s Yoga Sunburst.

Surely this collaboration update will add new players to the Summoners War game from Street Fighters player fans. If you are a game player? Is it one or both?

Source: YouTube Summoners War

Summoners War x Street Fighter Ⅴ Collaboration Coming Soon!


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