Cookie Run Kingdom Frost Queen Cotton Cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom will feature Cotton Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie

RPG game Cookie Run: Kingdom will get a new update on November 17/18 which brings two new Cookies, namely Cotton Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie. You can see it in the new trailer on Youtube Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cotton Cookies

The cute and soft Cotton Cookie is a Support Cookie that attacks the enemy with his flock. Cookie Cotton is a Tier Epic type voiced by Cherami Leigh, who previously played Makoto Niijima in Persona 5 and A2 in Nier Automata.

This would make her the third Cookie Summoners after Licorice Cookie and Pumpkin Pie Cookie, and given that both are top-tier units, it’s likely that Cotton Cookie could be a very good character as well.

The following is a description of Cotton Cookie’s Skills :

“While Cotton Cookie’s lantern shines, the warm light will periodically restore the allies’ HP and increase the summoned creatures’ ATK. Additionally, Cotton Cookie summons sheep that will charge at the enemies, dealing area damage and stunning them. The summoned sheep will fight alongside the Cookies for a certain time”

Cookie Run Kingdom Frost Queen Cotton Cookie

Frost Queen Cookies

Winter also brings new Legendary Cookies which are very cool. Frost Queen Cookie is a magic cookie, which has a position in the middle row. From what we’ve seen Frost Queen Cookie’s Skills are very useful, freezing solid enemies, causing damage, leaving them vulnerable, and creating more cooldown time for allies.

The following is a description of Frost Queen Cookie’s Skills :

“Casts a square of freezing energy dealing damage and freezing all enemies. Once Frozen, the targets’ Cooldown will be paused and will receive an additional portion of damage when thawed. If the Freeze debuff is dispelled, the targets will not receive the additional damage. Frost Queen Cookie herself is immune to freezing. Some bosses and elites are immune to the Freeze debuff. Also, the debuff might not affect Cookies resistant to various interruption effects when casting their skill”

In terms of design, this Cookie is inspired by the story of The Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen, to her icy demeanor. Her English dub voice is also voiced by popular voice actress Cristina Vee, known for playing Noel Vermillion in BlazblueShantae in the series Shantae, and Ladybug in Miraculous: The Tale of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

Super Mayhem Season 2 “Frozen Domain”

Winter is coming soon and with it comes Season 2 of the Super Mayhem mode after Dragon’s Valley earlier this year. This time, the Season will take place in the ‘Frozen Domain’. This mode is similar to the usual PvP Mode but players will control three sets of Team Cookies into one-on-one battles with another player defeating the other three teams to be the winner.

THE TALE OF THE FROZEN SNOWFIELD ❄️ November 18th Update in Cookie Run: Kingdom!


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